Trends 2020/21
by Elisa Prete

We are living as in a journey into the future that we had envisaged in the 1980s. Hyper connected, in every place in a short time we live our life as if it were made up of multiple levels that correspond to different realities, every reality is a small part of us and differentiates us and characterizes us, we live in an increasingly multicultural and global place but at the same time we ourselves are with our inner multi-levels: local, national, global, online, off-line.

Who are we really or how are we really? These are questions that revive our spirituality but also make us recognize our rational physicality by giving us space and time.

We live in a world full of differences and we are internally ourselves, welcoming them outside and inside us allows us to reinvent our environments and look for our personal identities, recognizing the diversity of the world and of the populations we observe and rediscover our own, slowly creating our own the world in which we mirror ourselves.

In what time are we and how long do we have? The X generation born in the 60s / 70s, a somewhat “indefinite” generation, a “bridge” between the security of the previous one and the total precariousness of the next, marked by important events such as the fall of the Berlin wall and the end of the cold war but also an active part of the recession and then up again and then a new global crisis. The Millennials generation, born in the 80s / 90s at the center of the global economic crisis, lived with the security and stability of their parents and the total precariousness and lability of their lives. The Z generation, born from 2000 onwards, digital natives, hyper connected, who do not know the world without technology. These three different generations coexist with personal emotions and feelings. Everyone has their own sense of time and so they relive it even in products, the first generation comes from long-lasting products but has been the creator of products with programmed obsolescence, the second the main user of disposable products today is fighting battles for a greener world and the third that takes to the streets for a clean world and a more certain future for everyone's health.

What are we looking for? A continuous limit between what is real and what is magical and suggestive, between what is rational and what we create in our mind and live with emotion. A continuous balance inside and outside of us, which helps us achieve the well-being that is sought and often for many defined a luxury to be achieved. We need hospitality to feel understood and alive, we need more attention than we give it. We look for harmony and well-being in the style we live at home. We want to be champions of equality, often offended in politics and social relations, with our campaigns for workers' rights, respect for the disabled and gender equality, but also more global with humanitarian rights and the end of wars. At the same time, in our everyday life we ​​seek uniqueness, recognizing the luxury of exclusive places, unique products and artisans, magical experiences like living in the past or even augmented reality.

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