Urban Jungle
by Elisa Prete

After our article on the Minimal and the Less is more with the essential at the center of the furnishing style to find yourself in a living with little and only what is essential, let's take a leap into the less known Urban Jungle style but which is increasingly taking its space.

Since prehistoric times man has lived with the environment and had to establish a balance with it, in the most modern age man for simplicity and necessity of life has moved to cities that are increasingly empty of nature, it is precisely here that develops the need to re-establish a connection with nature with a style that brings it back into the home.

The colors are predominantly green in its gradation, and the vases are often in terracotta. This style is off limits to plastic, consumerism, once again a style of furniture that seeks serenity and this time does not find it in depriving itself of everything except the essential but rather surrounding itself with nature.

Inspired by this style, our Urban Jungle collection was born with tablecloths that bring the pleasure of tropical plants and animals of the svana to the table.


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