Coastal Style
by Elisa Prete

Coastal style is one of the fastest growing decorating styles, and its decor reaches far inland. Almost everyone loves coastal style decorating because it reminds one of the fun and relaxing times at the beach.

There are different types of coastal styles. Rooms decorated in each of these coastal styles do have similarities, such as a love of ocean hues and sun-bleached white, incorporation of natural materials and fabrics, and a celebration of natural light. But there are differences, as well.

The information and links below will help you distinguish the major characteristics of each style.


American Coastal

The American coastal style is defined by relaxation and comfort and has become one of the most popular decorating styles in the United States. This style is quickly growing and branching into sub-styles such as the cottage coastal style, the contemporary coastal style and more. However, all the varieties of this style still contain the same basic elements—lots of natural light, warm whites and ocean hues, reflective surfaces, soft furnishings, and nautical decor.


Tropical Island Coastal

From the islands of Hawaii, Polynesia and many more in the great Pacific, a style is quickly emerging and becoming prominent in homes across the globe. This tropical coastal style, or island style, reflects the customs, colors, and beliefs of its native people. The tropical island coastal style is known for bright, tropical patterns, natural elements, natural teak and other woods, and cultural and nautical decor.


Mediterranean Coastal

The Mediterranean coastal style has been used and adapted throughout the centuries. When one speaks of the Mediterranean style, the most common origin that comes to mind is Greece, but the coastal towns of Spain and Italy also helped launch the Mediterranean style. Think lots of natural light with bright, sun-baked colors, terra cotta, heavy woods, black iron or metals, and carved detailing.


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