The Maximalist Style
by Elisa Prete

The Maximalist style, in contrast to the Minimalist style, rewards colors and contrasts, the abundance of objects of different shapes, full of textures and materials is the expression of the personality of the owner with his cheerful being with games of colors without rules. 

For some years now, driven by a wave of minimalist style from northern Europe or even Japan, we have seen increasingly basic, tidy and often monochromatic homes. 

The maximalist style is inspired by the baroque, full of details belonging to different eras and contrasting shades and colors.

Colors? they are like the soul of the owner, no longer white and beige or pastel hues, but loaded colors such as lime green, apple green, olive green, purple, red, fuchsia or mauve color, but also other colors juxtaposed such as shades of blue and gray.

If minimalism rewards the experience of the single soul in half-empty spaces, maximalism rewards contamination, the strong and radical presence of multiple overlapping styles.

We find materials and textures of very different fabrics, pillows, sofas, tablecloths, runners but also curtains and lace resting on wooden tables.

The bedroom is full of carpets, curtains, colorful blankets, a symphony of different colors and fabrics, from silk to cotton, from velvet to linen.

The maximalist loves the objects that we find them placed a little everywhere, there is always room for a lamp, or a frame, or a new vase. 

Another fundamental element is the green of the plants, always present of the most varied and rich in blooms and different heights. Place on windowsills or next to the sofa, in the bedroom or on a shelf in the kitchen reducing the boundary between indoor and outdoor, for an ever-changing versatility.


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