Tableware mix and match basics
by Edith Rangel

Have you ever seen picture perfect table settings in weddings or events where they mix different colors and styles and wondered why do they look so good? How can I do this at home?

Well it is in fact very simple! This is a step by step guide about how you can make it work in your own home, Which are the key elements to consider.


Choose a main color, this will be the key to make every piece work in harmony you can either go for one main color and have elements in different metallic shades or combine colors.

If you want to combine 2 or more colors just make sure they are complementary colors or you could pick all elements in cold shades or hot shades.

Choosing a tablecloth plays a key role while you are setting the table; in this moment it is up to you if you go for a richer look by including a patterned design like in our Cotton-Linen Collection or if you go more plain style as in our 100% linen products.

The tablecloth will already give some character and set the mood in your table for the following steps, the color of the tablecloth will influence the overall look.


It’s time to bring the dishes out! Choose plates from different crockery, The idea is to combine plates with different styles and make them work together. If your tablecloth is patterned already, try to balance visually with some monochromatic under plates mixing plates with textures more than plates with patterns.

On the other hand, if the tablecloth is plain you can enjoy mixing the variety of patterns available for plates. Also, if you have a plain table you can add a runner that will provide a focal point to the center of your table.

My advice, is have fun while you are picking several patterns but don’t go overboard, usually picking 3 patterns will work! Look for details in color, shape or patterns that when you put them together are appealing.

Try to select patterns that include the same colors. The biggest dinner plates and underplates provide the main structure so while picking this you can choose bolder patters.


Every element on top of other creating harmony, tablecloths, runners, placemats and plates provide the range of elements that you need for an amazing table setting.


To complement the setting you need some accents and contrasting elements that enhance the assemble. To achieve this, include glasses, cutlery, bowls, trays and napkins that have some details, colors or textures to generate a cohesive combination.


The final touch while setting the table are decorations, include flowers, vases, candles this will give more visual richness, to the setting.


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