by Elisa Prete

More and more often we hear about Sustainability, but what does it mean and how do we make sure that they are truly are?

Environmental sustainability is about meeting the needs of our generation without compromising the needs of future generations.

The fashion industry is currently one of the most polluting for our planet, just think that it is one of the main water user of our planet and accounts for a tenth to the production of greenhouse gases responsible for the overheating of the planet. Around 80 billion new garments are produced each year and of the 5.8 million tonnes of textile waste, and only a quarter of them are recovered.

The European Commission has analysed that 80% of the environmental impact of a product is the result of its design so it is also essential for textiles to choose yarn and processes that respect the environment.

MTP, we follow these steps to meet the high environmental sustainability needs:

Design: we have always only chosen natural yarn. In particular we use linen and hemp yarns that since their cultivation need very little water (about 1/9 compared to cotton), they are also very resistant plants and do not need insecticides and fertilizers. For our fabrics we also use 100% cotton yarns grown in areas that ensure respect for the environment and working conditions of people.

Duration: The natural yarn chosen ensures a long life of the garment, the durability is a fundamental element of the sustainability of a product, having a product that lasts longer means not having to produce another one as a replacement and therefore less waste to be managed, which means more  gain for the user and for the environment. Producing long-lasting fabrics means you can wash them continuously in the washing machine and have an increasingly soft and pleasant product to use.

Recycling: A natural fabric that we no longer like aesthetically or for other reasons may be discarded and sent for recycling  with an almost total recovery of fibers. There are specific companies in Italy that collect fabrics from the ecological islands of each municipality. Recycling can also mean giving a new use/life to a tablecloth, tent or homemade sheet to use it again in our home.

Education: It is important that there is training on environmental sustainability in such a way that more and more people are attentive to  the  labels to identify used yarn and the provenance of the fabric, it is important to transfer these simple concepts in stores and on the web.

Commitment: We at MTP have always been committed to the choice of only natural yarns, the non-use of chemicals, the choice of yarns branded OEKO TEX and therefore suitable for use even by children under the age of 3 years. For packaging we have almost completely eliminated plastic to replace it with biodegradable plastic or paper. The boxes of the packages are designed for home use as a space saver or to have drawers always in order.

Our slogan remains: Chic is Natural!



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